School Zone Speeding – Understand The Facts

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While it is never a good idea to drive too fast in any context, our Florida ticket lawyers at Fast Easy Ticket advise there are some places where you need to be extra vigilant regarding your driving speed. Some places, such as school zones and construction sites, have special rules and regulations when it comes to speeding violations. And, as you may suspect, these are the areas where the risk of having an accident is much higher.

Exercising a little extra caution when you are driving through these areas will ensure that you avoid any serious accidents and that you maintain a reliable driving record. Failing to take precautions, however, will have serious consequences. For this reason, it pays to be informed before you head out on the road.

Based on the experience of our speeding ticket lawyers in Florida, let’s look at some of the facts regarding school zone speeding and some of the penalties involved.

Higher Penalties

As with speeding tickets in any area, the financial penalties involved with speeding in a school zone vary depending on just how much over the posted limit you were going. In most school zones, the posted or implied limit is 20 mph. If you drive faster than that, you run the risk of receiving a high penalty.

School zone tickets generally start at $50 if you are traveling only 1-9 mph over the speed limit. This quickly escalates to $200 if you are driving at 10-14 mph over the limit! The financial penalties continue to rise if you are caught driving even faster, though, for speeds of 50 mph or more over the limit, the penalty is $2000, with other charges likely included as well!

Damaged Driving Record

Beyond the financial penalties involved, experienced Florida ticket lawyers will also point out that speeding in a school zone adds a lot of points to your driving record. For speeds greater than 15 mph over the posted limit in a school zone, you can expect that three points will be added to your record. If you are involved in an accident as a result of your speeding in a school zone, you can easily expect 6 points on your license, and likely a driving suspension as well.

These factors demonstrate the seriousness of speeding in a school zone and it is not something to be taken lightly.

Contact A Florida Ticket Lawyer For More Assistance

In some cases, an experienced and knowledgeable speeding ticket lawyer in Florida will be able to assist you with mitigating the worst of these financial and non-financial damages.

If you have received a speeding ticket in a school zone, or anywhere else, that you believe was unfair or unjustified, then contact our team of speeding ticket lawyers in Florida at Fast Easy Ticket right away. Discussing the facts of your situation with a knowledgeable professional is the best means of knowing whether you will win an appeal. Rather than accept a ticket that you know is unwarranted, take the necessary steps to protect your driving record and your wallet from undue harm.

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