Let’s Get Started!

First, let’s make sure your ticket can be handled the fast, easy way. Check to make sure that your ticket meets the following criteria and that you have read the terms and conditions.

Can You Answer "YES" To These 3 Questions?



Towards the bottom, on the left side of my ticket is it marked “INFRACTION WHICH DOES NOT REQUIRE APPEARANCE IN COURT”?




Was your ticket received in Duval, Leon, Baker, Bradford, St. Johns or Clay County?




Have you read and agreed to these terms and conditions?


YES! I can answer all 3 questions with a YES

Please choose the option that best applies to you.

I have a Florida driver license. I do NOT want you to run my driving record. I understand this could hurt my case.
I have a Florida driver license and yes, run my driving record to help my case. Only $29 more.
I do NOT have a Florida driver license.I understand by law, you must run my driving record to show my driving record from the state which I am licensed. Only $29 more.




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If your ticket shows CRIMINAL VIOLATION COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED or INFRACTION COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED, these tickets may NOT be processed through Fast Easy Ticket.  You must call Malcolm Anthony at (904) 289-5577 for proper representation.