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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Jacksonville

* Attorney’s fee * You will be responsible to pay all fees and court costs which may be assessed

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We handle all manner of civil traffic citations or violations, including speeding tickets and suspended license (unknowingly) and we’ll go to court to speak on your behalf. As an established firm of traffic ticket lawyers in Jacksonville, Fast Easy Ticket knows the language (including the loop holes) and will present your side of the case. Chances are, it is not your job to sit in court all day. It is ours. Why waste time and money that you don’t have on traffic school, court, and traffic tickets?

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What Happens After You Pay?

After you submit your payment we will:
  • Contact you via email and confirm your order
  • Review your ticket details with our legal team to determine if there are any legal errors with your citation(s) to have the charge(s) dismissed.
  • Plan our strategy to address your citation
  • Go to court, and present your case and request dismissal if appropriate or Plead No Contest and request a Withhold Adjudication of Guilt – NO POINTS – no conviction
  • After going to court for you, we will inform you of the outcome and provide to you a pay slip with specific instructions on when, how, and where to pay the fines and/or court costs.
  • We will keep you updated throughout this process via email


For all criminal traffic citations, including DUI and suspended license (knowingly), attaching tag not assigned, etc., contact Malcolm Anthony. To see if your ticket is a civil ticket that can be handled through Fast Easy Ticket, just look at the lower portion of the ticket. It should be checked by one of the sections that reads:INFRACTION WHICH DOES NOT REQUIRE APPEARANCE IN COURT. If it is checked by the section that reads: CRIMINAL VIOLATION COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED or INFRACTION COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED, you must visit our law firm website at or call Malcolm Anthony directly at (904) 285-4529 for proper representation.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

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